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James Commey Ministries

James Commey Ministries

Touching Lifes, Raising Kingdom People


JCM is the umbrella ministry of Rev. James Commey that oversees all his ministerial engagements and corporate activities. The ministry seeks to strengthen the body of Christ through the teaching and practice of kingdom principles as laid out in the ministry of our Lord Jesus by ministering to the total man (Spirit, Soul and Body). In this regard, It is involved in identifying, training and releasing pastors and leaders to bring kingdom life into various spheres of life and also helping believers realize their potentials to fulfill their purpose and destiny in life. JCM also runs a Jesus Healing Campaign, which brings the healing and deliverance message of the gospel to various parts of the world.

Heritage International- A faith based humanitarian organization which focuses on raising resources to help the most socially and economically deprived and marginalised communities and individuals in the developing world to help themselves is an affiliate of James Commey Ministries